Whither the resource curse, Video 1


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This lecture focuses on an analysis of the resource curse from an theoretical economic and economic policy-perspective. The standard textbook thesis that resources prevent economic development is critically scrutinized and essentially refuted. It is not natural resources that are cursed, but rather the causality from a low level of development and the associated underdeveloped statehood and weak institutions to the resource curse. The insights of this analysis are then used to establish effective policy-instruments to allow resource-rich countries, including countries with low levels of economic devvelopment, to use their natural resource endowment as national wealth and a positive driver of economic developoment.

The lecture is split into three videos:

- Video 1: 30 minutes

- Video 2: 50 minutes

- Video 3: 28 minutes

Totalling 108 minutes or one hour and 48 minutes


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